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I'm a design director weaving humanity into digital experiences



I designed the first digital happy meal experience for McDonalds and the first digital collectible experience for Disney and Marvel


I built out design and research functions at Mars Petcare driving significant growth for many of our portfolio brands


Currently managing the consumer design team at Keller Williams - designing software for the biggest real estate agency in the U.S.


Before KW, I was Director of Product Design for the tech division of Mars Petcare.

While there I helped design a five year growth plan, built the v1 of multiple new companies, assembled a couple of design teams and tested many new concepts to figure out the future of pet care. My work at Mars has led to large revenue increases, new digital products in the US, Russia and China and most importantly healthier pets and happier parents.

Disney, HBO and Quidd

And before that...I helped Disney, McDonalds, Cartoon Network, Sanrio and a bunch of other popular brands build digital collectible experiences.

My work as lead product designer at quidd led to a $20 mil series A investment from Sequoia Capital and an acquisition.

Design for research

I host a monthly workshop for researchers who want to level up their figma skills and improve their deliverables.

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A little more about me

I love tackling complex problems and making them as accessible as possible to the user. Over the years I've worked to cultivate a toolbox of research techniques, designer led workshops and digital product knowledge to build easy to use products that have personality and lead to impactful outcomes.

I know how to work closely with product, data and engineering teams to deliver thoughtful experiences aligned with business and user goals and have built research and design infrastructure for early stage startups and established brands.

Armed with a strong understanding of common patterns and trends, I design things that ease frustration and feel simple and seamless.  I love tackling projects in markets that seem opaque and unapproachable, breaking down the process and building something that helps guide the user.  So far, I've taken on the mortgages, car leasing, digital health, risk analysis, digital collectables and pet parenting. If you have a project with a fresh problem in need of a modern solution - reach out!


What have I been up to?

Director of Product Design at MARS (kinship)

Digital Collecting

Design strategy and early company development for kinship

User research for wisdom

Hiring for whistle

Starting up witzig

Pioneering digital collectibles with Quidd

Design is a team sport

and I know how to work with a wide variety of people

copy writers
graphic designers
product managers
business developers
customer success
account managers
community managers
heads of product
heads of research
product designers
data scientists
industry experts
facebook groups
art directors
growth leads